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Axxer Motion, Compact Air, and Clinic Air, are brands of Gentilin srl.

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Gentilin srl was founded 40 years ago in Trissino (Vicenza - Italy), a region in particularly known in Europe and throughout the world for its superior standards in mechatronics. In just a few years, the company became a benchmark of excellence for the manufacturing, development and compressed air products. Brothers Giampaolo and Giuseppe Gentilin started in 1980 producing compressed air fittings from their garage. They began distributing them throughout Italy and parts of Mediterranean Europe and got to know the peculiar needs of compressed air applications.  Later, they diversified and offered high-efficiency air compressors, and began exporting throughout Europe and the world.  In 2005 the company developed a major technological breakthrough - - AXXER MOTION, a defiant, oil-free, patented, reciprocating piston technology.  Soon the rest of the world began demanding pumps and compressors that defied traditional piston motion:  one piston, two heads, two cylinders, and a linear motion!  


The scope of the Gentilin's brothers has expanded to bring aboard the exhuberance and the energy of their children.  Alessandra, Giorgio, and Riccardo comprise the executive team that handles day-to-day management, particularly in the area of finance, business development, and operations.

Today, Gentilin operates a worldwide distribution network of over 100 partners. The next generation has streamlined processes and has intensified the company's legendary emphasis on research and development. The result is a company that provides the smallest footprint compressed air products with the greatest air delivery. It does so with a unique portfolio of brands and services.