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Entirely Made in Veneto


Featuring patented, linear motion piston

Practically maintenance-free

Axxer Motion Air-End.
Used on OEM systems, and available through technology licensing.

Essentially, we have two broad categories within the Axxer Motion world. One is our enviable high-performance, piston oil-free air-ends, featuring a patented, linear piston motion. Unlike the traditional mechanism, Axxer Motion results in an ultra-quiet operation, and virtually maintenance-free product life.  The technology is entirely designed in Veneto, one of the most industrious regions in Italy. The level of confidence in this technology that is backed by a 3-year warranty.

In addition, the same technology is available through a licensing agreement. Customers can replicate the same Axxer Motion benefits on their own compressed air products for OEM projects, or to complete your existing line, or to enter niche markets.  We can are the product development arm for very demanding projects of very picky customers.

Axxer Motion Revolutionary Design.
AXXER MOTION is not a traditional piston and rod mechanism used on air compressors.
The piston follows a completely linear movement. Two cylinders fully support this motion.
There is virtually no friction between the piston and the cylinders. No metal on metal contact.
A linear motion dramatically reduces wear-and-tear, vibrations, and noise.
The pump requires no maintenance for up to 3000 hours. 
The piston exerts constant pressure. One of the two air chambers is always under compression.
The mechanism maintains a constant load:  S1 - 100% duty cycle motor.
The pumps are Made in Italy by Gentilin srl.
The pumps have an enviable 3-year warranty.
  Based on 10 bars continuous operation at 40°C.
Axxer Motion on Your Products.
Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 19.14.14.png
You can mount AXXER MOTION pumps of up to 3,2 kW and 400 L/min on your compressed air equipment.
Lower your standard cost by mounting AXXER MOTION air-end  on your tanks.
Build a mirror image of our Compact Air and Clinic Air compressors, and private label your products.
You will receive design assistance and pump assembly instructions. It couldn't be any easier.
Obtain a limited patent license to manufacture your own AXXER MOTION mechanism.
You are in a position of boasting in carrying pumps that are up to 3000 hours maintenance-free
Provide rock solid solutions: constant pressure, quiet operation, small footprint and powerful air delivery.
Extend confidence to your customers. Our pumps have a 3-year warranty and they are  Made in Italy.
  Based on 10 bars continuous operation at 40°C.
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