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For your operation, zero compromises.  CLINIC AIR by GENTILIN SRL offers a phenomenal selection of compressed and vacuum air products designed specifically for applications in medical fields that require the absence of oil and that are sensitive to noise. The SMART and CLINIC SERIES of oil-free piston compressors have a power air flow and their operation is ultra quiet. Powered by cutting edge AXXER MOTION technology, wear-and-tear is reduced to a minimum thanks to an axial piston motion that elminates radial forces. Their tanks are internally epoxy coated or electropolished stainless steel that along with state-of-the-art drying and sterilization systems push air purification parameters to new heights. The SCROLL SERIES of oil-free compressos (spiral compression technology) opens a new world of possibilities in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical center fields thanks to its IE3 motors and nominal power range of 2,2 to 7,5 kW. QUBE SERIES oil-free compressors is designed to ensure further noise suppression of the pumps, while maintaining their duty cycle unchanged. Its innovative TURBOVENT cooling system allows complete control of operating temperatures. SW SERIES semi-wet are equipped with an automatic drain valve system that discharges residue of liquid and other waste automatically after the motor stops, preventing clogging problems. Moreover, they can be fitted with an amalgam separator to collect teeth fragments, dental amalgam and mercury and they do not need a water supply (energy saving). Lastly, DECO SERIES is a line of environmental disinfection devices that produce a sophisticated ultra-dry, nebulizing effect. They are used for safe and effective treatment on a variety of surfaces and spaces where it is essential to have a portable use as well as an automatic operation that does not require the presence of the user.