AXXER MOTION is a ridiculously simple design. It's not rocket science. Just a reciprocating piston that moves linearly instead of angularly. How? The piston has two heads and it's supported by two cylinders; therefore, the piston motion is 'forced' to be linear. As a result, there is a near absence of friction and transversal forces between the piston and the cylinders. Imagine the advantages: low wear-and-tear, low-vibration, ultra-quiet, constant pressure, and increased efficiency.

AXXER MOTION is a patented design. No one else in the world has it.  It is engineered in Italy by Gentilin, and used on pumping units that power its Compact Air and Clinic Air compressors.  Pumps with an AXXER MOTION mechanism are also used in OEM applications and licensed products.




There are two types of AXXER MOTION constructions based on the degree to which a pump can operate without requiring maintenance:  (1) Up to 1500 hours maintenance-free, and (2) up to 3000 hours maintenance-free.  [Maintenance-free hours are measured conditions of 10 bars continuous operation at 40°C.]

Of course, the centerpiece of maintenance-free for AXXER MOTION is the twin head piston that slides along a linear path through two cylinders.  But there is more. There are guide rings, bearings, piston plates and cylinder coating that further reduce friction, dissipate radial forces, and lower wear-and-tear.

Below is the AXXER MOTION anatomy of how these components define the two 1500 hours and 3000 hours categories.


Why is there 'constant pressure'?  There are two piston heads and two cylinders. While air is flowing into one chamber, the piston is compressing air in the other chamber. The process repeats in reverse once the piston stroke is complete. Therefore, there is always one chamber in which air is being compressed.

Is it true that air delivery doubles?  Of course!  All things being equal, a piston with two heads discharges more compressed air than one piston with one head. The ratio is approximately 2:1.

Why is there lower wear-and-tear?  A single head piston entering a cylinder angularly generates radial forces that aggressively wear the seals, resulting in air loss, frequent maintenance, and unplanned downtimes. A piston with two heads fully supported by two cylinders prevents this friction-heavy movement. In addition, an AXXER MOTION piston has especially formulated PTFE charged guide rings that "steer" the piston inside the cylinders and further dissipate any radial forces that would otherwise be present.  Lastly, the cylinders are ceramic-coated which, together with the self-lubricating nature of the guide rings, allows a piston movement that is nearly free of frictional forces.

What is 'ultra-quiet'?  The tremendous stability of the AXXER MOTION mechanism is largely the rsult of the harmony between moving parts. Components do their work with ease thus reducing unnecessary forces, vibrations, and air turbulence. 

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Axxer Motion, Compact Air, and Clinic Air, are brands of Gentilin srl.

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Axxer Motion, Compact Air, and Clinic Air, are brands of Gentilin srl.

Axxer Motion, Compact Air, and Clinic Air, are brands of Gentilin srl.