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Gentilin oil-free compressors are designed to optimize work and resolve functional and quality problems in different areas of use, always guaranteeing maximum performance.

Our products derive from a careful analysis of specific applications requriements and end-users needs.

Our products and services

Portable air

Portable air compressors are a fundamental tools for all those professionals who need to work with compressed air in confined spaces or on the move. These compressors are used in multiple applications, from cleaning surfaces and equipment to feeding pneumatic tools and equipment.

Process air

The use of compressed air represents a fundamental necessity for workshops and process plants in various sectors, including manufacturing, food and medical. Compressed air is necessary to operate pneumatic devices and machinery, as well as to provide driving energy to workstations equipped with the most varied tools.

OEM Solutions

OEM Solutions

The increasingly widespread use of compressed air in various sectors often generates the need for specific products for individual applications or groups of customers. In these cases it is necessary to study a tailor-made product, capable of satisfying specific needs and guaranteeing adequate quality, functionality and certification standards.

A wide range, developed for the specific needs of different sectors and applications

Compressors for craftsmen
Compressors for craftsmen


Settore medicale e dentistico
Compressors for dental practices

Dental practices, hospitals and medical laboratories

Compressors for food laboratories

Food laboratories, wineries, breweries

Compressors agriculture and water treatment

Agriculture and water treatment

Compressors for workshops


Compressors for food processing

OEM's and systems integration

Gentilin's Logo

Why choose GENTILIN


Designed to ensure maximum performance, acoustic comfort and comply with ISO standards of air purity.

for professionals

The range of GENTILIN oil-free compressors is specifically designed and developed for professional use.

Life cycle up to
3 times longer

Our products are designed to last over time and ensure a life cycle up to 3 times longer than comparable products.

operating costs

The GENTILIN oil-free compressor range is designed to save you up to 90% on maintenance and operation costs.

3 years

On the whole range of products, because quality and customer service are key success factors in our strategy.

Savings, quality and services.

For over forty years in the compressed air market,
we carefully study the needs of our customers to offer products with unique functions and integrated services in different market sectors.

Gentilin services

A trusted partner with whom to look to the future.

At Gentilin communication is easy and fast. We want to build solid and long-lasting relationships and establish partnerships that create the added value that the market needs today more than ever.

Support and services

Support and services for our entire commercial network

At GENTILIN you will always find a dedicated team of professionals who will be able to answer your questions and give you support when necessary. Integrated services and professional assistance are our watchwords.

Evnironmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly oil-free compressors

Can compressed air be green? GENTILIN has always been committed to offering low environmental impact products, increasing life cycles and reducing energy consumption and waste, with a close focus on performance.

Ultra-compact design

The air you need in the smallest space possible

GENTILIN portable compressors are conceptually unique. Built with high efficiency motors, they allow the use of smaller tanks, guaranteeing unrivaled compactness and transportability, without sacrificing performance.

Save time and reduce costs

Respect deadlines and manage workloads and costs at best

Avoid downtimes during work by using GENTILIN continous-duty compressors, and stay within budgeted times, optimizing costs.

Quiet compressors

So quiet they will go unnoticed

Keeping noise emissions under control and therefore guaranteeing a silent and comfortable environment is of fundamental importance for many applications. GENTILIN compressors are designed to guarantee maximum acoustic comfort in any environment of use.

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