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Portable compressors

Portable compressors are an essential tool for professional operators who need to work with compressed air in confined spaces or on the move. They are used in a wide range of applications, from cleaning surfaces and equipment, to operating pneumatic tools and equipment. In these applications the size/weight-to-power ratio is of extreme importance, to guarantee easy portability and at the same time ensure the right air flow for carrying out the most demanding jobs.

GENTILIN portable air compressors are silent and high-performance products, equipped with large wheels and compact and resistant frames for easy transportability and problem-free operation. Developed with oil-free mechanical technology, these portable compressors do not require maintenance during their ordinary life cycle. As all of Gentilin products they are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Piston compressors

Choose between the various families:


0,75 – 1,5 kW

UTILITY is the range of ultra-portable GENTILIN compressors that combine professional performance with maximum portability. Oil-free technology, quiet operation and lightness make these products the ideal choice for those who need to carry out work on the move.

Nominal rating (kW) 0,75 - 1,50
Tank capacity (lt) 5 - 20
FAD (L/min) 110 - 220
Maximum pressure (bar) 8
Noise level (dB) 60 - 72
Duty cycle S3 70%
First Maintenance (hours) 1500


2,2 – 4,4 kW

PRO is GENTILIN's response to the growing needs of artisans, workshops and professionals on the move that need to work with compressed air in intensive cycles. Oil-free operation, compactness, efficiency and 100% continuous work without cooling-stops.

Nominal rating (kW) 2,20 - 4,40
Tank capacity (lt) 3 - 90
FAD (L/min) 330 - 660
Maximum pressure (bar) 10
Noise level (dB) 80 - 85
Duty cycle S1 100%
First Maintenance (hours) 1500


2,2 – 4,0 kW

PRO-S is the top line of GENTILIN portable compressor range. It showcases all the unique and winning features of the PRO range adding two important advantages: quiet operation and an extended lifetime, to guarantee ultra-intensive work cycles and a silent working environment.

Nominal rating (kW) 2,20 - 4,00
Tank capacity (lt) 3 - 90
FAD (L/min) 330 - 660
Maximum pressure (bar) 10
Noise level (dB) 68 - 78
Duty cycle S1 100%
First Maintenance (hours) 3000

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