Auxiliary products

Auxiliary products to combine with compressors

Semi-wet suction systems

Gentilin surgical suctions are professional devices used in medical and dental environment. They are specifically designed to suction body fluids during dentale and medical procedures, ensuring that the environment remains clean and sterile. Gentilin surgical suctions work without the need for water supply, facilitating their use in multiple applications.

Enviromental disinfection systems

GENTILIN environmental disinfection devices are the ideal solution to prevent environmental contamination and guarantee a hygienic and sterilized environment. They are compact and handy, easy to use and transportable wherever needed. Furthermore, thanks to the automatic use options, they reduce the need for manual work and monitoring.

Air tools and fittings

GENTILIN air tools and compressed air fittings are designed with the most advanced technologies and materials to guarantee precision, durability and reliability. The ergonomic design improves user comfort and makes every job more efficient. The heavy-duty die-cast housing also ensures long-lasting durability, making them perfect for any workshop or garage. Quality, design and functionality.

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