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Gentilin aims to be the benchmark in the global market for the production and distribution of oil-free compressors.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions for the production of oil-free compressed air, ensuring high levels of productivity, efficiency and safety.
We believe in innovation and continuous improvement, by studying the needs of our customers and developing solutions that can simplify their everyday work.

Our values

The core values of our company, which we are committed not only to follow every day, but also to convey to our team are:


Innovation is what has always suistained our business. In a market where to emerge as a family business it is essential to be at least a couple of steps ahead, an innovative approach allows us to differentiate, bringing added value to customers.


Without passion there can be no innovation. Only genuine love for one’s art and profession leads to the development of our full potential as individuals and as a collective. The GENTILIN team before any technical ability puts in field the passion for our work and for the results we wants to obtain.
Honesty <br class="d-none d-xl-block">and Integrity

and Integrity

Two values that have been rooted in our family for generations. Honesty and integrity towards people, towards our team, towards our customers. For us, it means working with ethical principles and respecting the professional and personal dimension of every subject inside and outside our company.


There can be no achievements without a preventive and constant responsibility towards the goals we set, personally and in a group. In Gentilin responsibility is the fundamental glue that make the realization of large projects possible.

Our Board

Our board is in charge of the strategic decisions and the general management of the Gentilin group. Here new ideas are discussed and transformed into projects that maintain the high adherence of GENTILIN products and services to the expectations of the increasingly demanding compressed air market.

Giorgio Gentilin
Business Development Manager
Riccardo Gentilin
Plant Manager
Alessandra Gentilin
Administration and Financial Manager

Our staff

Our team of functional managers plays a fundamental and primary role in the day-to-day administration and execution of business strategies. Technical skills, experience and focus on results are elements that distinguish each team member.

Antonio Maldina
R&D Manager
Manuel Massalongo
Enrico Pasin
Information Technology
Flavio Scalzotto
Gabriele Ianniello
Quality System
Sadeepa Ranawaka
Product Engineering


Brothers Giampaolo and Giuseppe Gentilin, guided by initiative and a dream, founded the first company AIRCOBER, engaged in the production and sale of compressed air fittings. The first, humble headquarters is located in a village basement.


GENTILIN acquires the company "Marchetto Snc" at that time engaged in the production of compressed air tools and thanks to a strengthened product lineup begins the distribution activity in the non-European market.


GENTILIN obtains the Certificate of Merit and gold medal for the outstanding results in exports, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of Vicenza


Construction of the first section of the current production plant (3,000 sqm).


International registration of AXXER mechanical patent, a technology used in the production of most GENTILIN oil-free compressors.


Launch of the COMPACT AIR product range, high performance portable oil-free compressors dedicated to the professional worker on the go.


Market launch of "Rete Vendita Italia" project where GENTILIN is directly involved in the development of a network of agents, dealers and service centers on Italian soil. At the same time astructured "Export Division" is formed where a sales team is recruited, trained and put into operation to oversee GENTILIN growth in Europe and beyond.


Market launch of the CLINIC AIR product range, silent and reliable oil-free stationary compressors dedicated to the medical and food & beverage sector.


Expansion of the production plant through the construction of a new section completely dedicated to the assembly of oil-free compressors. (1,500 square meters).


Market launch of the HUSH and QUBE product ranges, stationary dry compressors with unique performance and longevity characteristics, dedicated to the food and beverage sector, as well as biogas production.


Market launch of the HYDRO SD product range, water lubricated oil-free screw compressors. Passion, innovation and a bit of positive madness.
Italian headquarters

Humble beginnings

Gentilin srl was founded 40 years ago in Trissino (Vicenza - Italy) in what, then as today, is one of the districts of excellence of mechatronics at European and world level. In just a few years the company has become one of the benchmarks for the production, development and distribution of compressed air products.

Brothers Giampaolo and Giuseppe Gentilin began their activity in 1980 in the garage of their home. The distribution took place first in Italy and then in Mediterranean Europe where the Gentilin brothers learn the peculiarities and needs of the vast compressed air sector. By constantly diversifying and increasing the range of products and services offered, the company gradually expanded becoming an industry benchmark in international markets.

Today the mission of the Gentilin brothers has an important following. The evolution of the company in recent years brings the names of Alessandra, Giorgio and Riccardo Gentilin, who today form the executive team in charge of strategy and operation of the group.

The dynamism and energy of the second generation, combined with the constant focus on innovation and a new managerial footprint have allowed the company to consolidate its presence in the reference markets and to go well beyond by embracing new sectors and channels. The result is a range of unique, uncompromising products and services designed specifically for professionals.

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